Telephone:- +44 (0)1372 451663

Decide when you would like to visit and then check availability by emailing

Let us know if you require Pool Heat, a Welcome Pack or any other special requirements

We will confirm if the dates are available and send you a quote

A tentative booking can be made (held for 3 days) so that you can organise flights and travel plans please do not book flights before confirming dates.

You can book any day/week combination, we aim to be flexible.

Once you have your flights, please confirm your booking by sending the booking deposit

Check-out is 10am, please let us know if you will require a late check-out for a small fee

Once you have your booking confirmed

Booking tickets for the attractions ahead of time can save money, and allow you to organise your time to get the most out of your holiday. We would recommend that you plan an easy day for you first full day, enjoy the villa, go for a swim and then head out to the shops or downtown Disney.

Flying with a disability can be a bit daunting. I have put together a guide to help. But the best advice is leave enough time and plan in advance.

Car hire normally booked along with your flight if you do not have any specific requirements. If you only require a standard car then it will be best to book with a car hire company at the airport or through the airline. Specialist car hire is available in Orlando.

Medical Equipment most equipment for moving and handling should be available in the villa. If you would like to hire additional equipment such as manual or electric wheelchairs, scooters, oxygen, again specialist hire companies can help.

Insuranceit is recommended that you ensure your holiday is fully covered by a travel insurance policy as soon as you book.

Where to go - everywhere. Florida is an amazing place, you can spend your time in the parks or explore, contrary to popular belief there is more to Florida than Disney, lots of sporting activities including golf, baseball, basket ball, NASCAR racing. Most places are very accessible and accommodating.

Planning your trip

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Tranquility Florida

​​​6 Bedroom wheelchair accessible holiday villa, Orland, Florida