Tranquility Florida

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Now your set

The below is a checklist for your holiday

  • Once you have contacted us and made your booking, we will send you confirmation of the booking, at this point you can
  • Book your flights
  • Arrange special assistance with your ailine
  • Book car hire
  • Arrange additional car insurance
  • Arrange holiday insurance
  • Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after you will return home
  • Arrange any visas if required or complete your ESTA
  • Make your final payment 10 weeks prior to travel

After you have made your final payment

We will send you all the information you need to find the villa, as well as basic instructions for the medical equipment

  • You will need to arrange your ESTA (if travelling under the Visa Waiver Program)
  • Ensure any medical equipment is ready for the flight
  • Ensure your battery charger is suitable, we supply a voltage converter but this may not work with some equipment
  • Ensure your sling has loops suitable use with our Track Hoist
  • Ensure you have all medical equipment and medical supplies ready to go (some items can be sent in advance if needed, please let us know first as they cant be sent direct to the villa)
  • Please print the booking form and door code and Final Confirmation Document before you trave.
  • The Door code document will show the gate code to community and your door code as well as instructions for the alarm system

If possible use Twilight Check-in if your airline does this as it makes the day of the flight much more relaxing

Check you have details for the car hire before you arrive at the airport

wheelchair access

Most importantly


The above is for information only and is not exhaustive

​​​6 Bedroom wheelchair accessible holiday villa, Orland, Florida
Wheelchair Accessible image