​​​6 Bedroom wheelchair accessible holiday villa, Orland, Florida

For good measure

  • Manual hydraulic person hoist for use throughout villa
  • Manual hydraulic pool hoist in case of emergencies
  • Both electric profiling beds have a backup power supply

Equipment Hire

If the equipment we have does not meet  all of your requirements we can order in additional equipment from local suppliers, please let use know what you require and we will arrange a quote for you. Examples are Shower/Commode wheelchairs, Air Mattresses

Ceiling track hoist
An electric ceiling track hoist is provided enabling effortless transfers from wheelchair to bed, bed to toilet and shower seat.

The hoist has a maximum capacity of 400lbs/250Kg. (Sling not provided, you must bring your own sling to use the hoist)

Pool or shower wheelchair

Switch track for the ceiling hoist to allow travel to the shower seat

Electric Track Hoist
Medical equipment including manual hoist

​​​​​​​Wheelchair Accessible villa with electric Ceiling track hoist

Spacious bathroom featuring a tiled floor, level access wheel-in shower with two showers heads, one on a flexible pipe

  • Wheel-in shower with wall mounted shower seat with drop down grab bars either side or use the pool wheelchair or shower cradle

  • Toto shower toilet providing luxury and independence - it even has an automatic lid to greet you. There is space to the right of toilet for transfers and drop down grab bars either side of the toilet

  • Two sinks one with space under the counter for wheelchair access

  • Door to the pool deck

Power Converter 

US to UK transformers for use with wheelchair/medical equipment battery chargers (please ensure you bring your own battery charger). The below transformer handles up to 1000 watts, we have another that handles up to 500 watts

Wheelchair accessible bathroom with Toto shower toilet and grab bars

Pool Hoist
The electric pool hoist is positioned for use with both pool and spa. (capacity: 400lbs), a special sling is provided for the pool hoist (only)

Other equipment
Pool wheelchair for use in the shower and on the pool deck

Shower Cradel
Level access shower with wall mounted shower seat and grab bars

Shower Cradle

US 110V to UK 240v power converter

Additional Equipment
Includes: Manual Hoist for use in the villa, shower cradle and pool/shower wheelchair


 Telephone:- +44 (0)1372 451663

Accessible bathroom with wheelchair access to pool deck
Electric Pool hoist with sling
Wheelchair accessible master suite with Electric Track Hoist

Tranquility Florida

Wheelchair Accessible image

Disability Features
The villa has been designed to address the needs of people with a disability. Many features have been included to make your stay as easy and comfortable as possible. Key features - wheelchair accessible, wheel-in shower, electric ceiling track hoist, electric pool hoist, electric profiling beds.

As a full time wheelchair user I understand the equipment needed in a holiday home to make your stay as easy as possible. Such features are not normally found as standard and require a lot of organisation to find (not to mention cost). All features are discrete only adding to your holiday
Both internally and externally this villa is wheelchair accessible, from the facilities in the master suite to the accessible pool and spa with electric pool hoist. All doors on the ground floor are a minimum of 32" and all external doors are level access

Master Suite with wheelchair access equipment

A large bedroom with plenty of space to manoeuvre a wheelchair to either side of the bed. The bed is made up of fully electric twin profiling beds (American King sized when together) with height adjustment and a backrest that sits up to approx. 85 degrees. Both beds have safety/assist rails fitted which can be raised and lowered as required